Braids On A Bald Head

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Braids On A Bald Head

shortfilm, 23minutes, Cannon 7D
2010, Kaduna, Nigeria

Director: Ishaya Bako
Producer: Oliver Aleogena
Cinematographer: Clarence Peters
Postproduction Supervisor: Jonas Rejman
Colourist: Leonardo Ferreira

Shot on the Canon 7D in the challenging environment of Nigeria, the images are strikingly beautiful. The nature of the camera is to deliver very saturated and candy-like images, that are very pleasant to the eye. For narrative filmmaking however, it was an overkill. The colourist Leo Ferreira gently started to put the colours back, accentuated those that were important to the story, and made the film lose its video-look. He further adjusted the mood for the time of the scenes, so that it appears, as the story took place over the course of one day.



  • colour grading
  • audio pitch and synchronization
  • transcodes of distribution masters
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