At the diROOM we provide a com­plete SD, HD, 2K & 4K post pro­duc­tion service from pre-production to final mastering whether the footage originates from digital, tape, 16mm or 35mm.


Pre-Production Workflow Consultation

We’re available to discuss all aspects of the production with clients before the shoot, helping to develop the best pipeline for the project. Our consultation process may include:


  • Advice on the unique requirements of digital cameras and their recording formats, such as R3D, DSLR, ARRI RAW and how best to prepare these for post production.
  • Discussion with one of our colourists to plan initial ideas for the look and tone of the project.
  • Instruction of the on-set data man­age­ment pro­ce­dures for the DIT.
  • Rushes back up and management strategy.
  • Advice on the best workflow for the projects choice of NLE.


Offline Editing

We offer support to the production throughout the offline edit providing services such as:


  • Transcode of rushes into suitable offline for­mats for editing in AVID Media Composer, Final Cut Pro or Lightworks.
  • Full project media backup to a RAID-5 array, extra hard dri­ves and LTO-4 tape set.
  • Workflow support, advice and troubleshooting dur­ing the offline edit.



We also offer numerous services to support the project’s sound edit:


  • Con­sul­ta­tion on track lay­ing and mix work­flow with the sound designer.
  • Con­form of project for audio mix­ing suite.
  • Auto­mated dia­logue replace­ment (ADR).



We offer full grading of all formats ranging from SD to 4k in our DaVinci Resolve Suite. For more information please visit our Grading page.


VFX & Titles

We offer a wide range of Visual Effects and titling service. For more information please visit our VFX page.


Mastering and additional services

At the diROOM we support the project to the very end of the post production process, the finalizing of the masters for the required delivery.


  • Prepa­ra­tion of 2K and 4K mas­ters.
  • Audio mas­ter integration.
  • VFX, titles and credits integration.
  • Play­out to full range of pro­fes­sional tape formats such as DigiBeta, HDCam and HDCam SR.
  • Creation of DPX sequences.
  • Deliverables for inter­net stream­ing and mobile devices.
  • Creation of Digital Cinema Package to DCI standard.
  • Advanced DVD/Bluray creation and menu author­ing, includ­ing optional sub­ti­tle tracks.


For a detailed case study of our services in action, please download our brochure from the Documentation page, highlighting the services the diROOM performed on the feature film Trans Bavaria.
For any more information, please feel free to contact us at .